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Each day will have a topic focus, with the scene being set by several invited talks, and several others selected from participant’s abstracts. In the afternoons, interdisciplinary groups will work in teams separately. They will discuss formally and informally a problem to be solved with multi-disciplinary approaches. Each group will be led by one of the speakers and will contain participants with different background. The teams will present a summary of their work on the last day. Each participant will get a chance to present his/her work in a poster session to be held in the evenings. A jury of speakers will attend the poster presentations and will give a brief summary, feedback and comments for the poster presenters at the end of the session.

Extra out-door programs will facilitate the afternoon team works to provide an informal environment for the interdisciplinary teamworks.

Medieval team building competition

A team-building style competition will be organized, where participants get to use different weapons of the Medieval age. Participants will get knight clothes of different colors. Teams have to fight for points at different stations located in the Lower Visegrad Castle. The stations of the team-building competition are the following: Archery, Targeting with spear, Targeting with broadsword, Shooting with battle star, Attacking the castle wall with a trebuchet, Riding the wooden horse, Wreath throwing on the edge of sword. Refreshment drinks will be available between the stations.

Handicrafts competition

Also a team building competition will be arranged in Palotaház – Court of Crafts, during which you can get familiar with old handicrafts, and compete in creating traditional products at the workshops.

The Palotaház building in Visegrád is the home of four workshops, where local craftsmen are working. The tasks of the competition are the following: stone cutting, forging, forming articles of clay, traditional printing on handmade paper. The items created by the guests can be taken home by them. The results are evaluated by the craftsmen and points are given to the different groups. When all the teams are ready, the results are announced and the winners are rewarded.

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Key dates

10 May 2017

  • Early registration deadline

26 May 2017

  • Early registration payment deadline

15 June 2017

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Andrei Zinovyev
Institut Curie, France

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Vera Van Noort
Uni Lueven, Belgium

Julio Saez-Rodriguez
University, Germany

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Burkhard Rost
Technical University of
Munich, Munich, Germany
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Photo: Eckert and Heddergott ©

Attila Remenyi
Inst. of Enzymology, Hungary

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Natasa Przulj

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Evangelia Petsalaki

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Balázs Papp
BRC, HAS, Hungary

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Ruth Nussinov
National Cancer Inst., USA

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Toby Gibson
EMBL, Germany

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Jasmin Fisher
Univ. of Cambridge & Microsoft Research, UK

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Federica Di Palma
Earlham Institute, UK

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Andreas Bender
University of Cambridge, UK

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Gary Bader
University of Toronto, Canada

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